Nice Goyard Wardrobe Trunk

Nice Goyard Wardrobe Trunk

This is a very fine example from one of the world's best trunk makers. Goyard started making trunks over 200 years ago and by the time this trunk was made their techniques had reached perfection. Goyard has been one of the few trunkmakers on the same level as Louis Vuitton.

This wardrobe trunk has been restored by our craftsmen and is in great condition for your immediate use. The heavy leather handles have been replaced with custom made handles that are identical to the original. It has a working lock with key. The latches may or may not be original-we can't tell. It has all of the original drawers with handles intact. It comes with three original hangers. Naturally, it has some of the bumps and bruises that give a trunk of this age character so you can't expect perfection. What you can expect is high quality workmanship, materials, and a simply beautiful trunk.

Size: 42" high, 22" wide, 15" deep.
Weight: 70 lbs.
Ca. 1920
Trunk #136


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